Curaçao is the largest and most populous of “ABC” Islands, located between Aruba and Bonaire some 35 miles off the northern coast of Venezuela. The island is 38 miles long and varies between 2 and 8 miles in width. Diving in Curaçao is exceptional, with easy and exciting shore diving as well as boat diving! The waters are brilliant turquoise with excellent visibility, and boast a wide diversity of marine life (especially lively at shallow depths) – and with very good diving conditions almost year-round since Curaçao is located below the Caribbean hurricane belt.

Why visit Curaçao? Most people come for the sun and fun and the island’s natural beauty. With an average rainfall of less than 22 inches a year, the weather is almost guaranteed to be sunny, and the constant tradewinds help to keep the island cool. There are 38 different beaches to choose from — most are secluded, tucked inside towering cliffs, some with deep caves in the limestone, and others with wide expanses and modern facilities.

There’s also plenty do when you’re not underwater… downtown nightlife, a dozen casinos, fine dining and excellent shopping, the Curaçao Sea Aquarium with dolphin and seal encounters, an incredibly rich natural history to explore including wildlife parks, and caves with 1500-year-old wall drawings…and many cultural opportunities including art galleries and exploring structures of the island’s colonial and maritime past. Willemstad, the bustling capital city, has beautiful and unique architecture that will remind you of the island’s European heritage (you can sit at a quaint sidewalk care and almost imagine you’re in Amsterdam!) The island’s 150,000 residents are famously friendly – and most speak English, Dutch, and Spanish as well as Papiamento, the local language of the Netherlands Antilles.

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